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Pastor Peter Mortlock

As the founders and Senior Pastors of City Impact Church, Peter Mortlock and his wife Bev have a passion for building strong churches and helping people encounter Christ.

Pastor Peter Mortlock had his first encounter with Jesus in the aftermath of a devastating loss. Peter was just 12 years old when his dad passed away, leaving his mum to raise four young children in Stratford, Taranaki.

One day not long after the loss of his Dad, Peter’s sister took him to church. When the preacher asked if anyone wanted to receive Jesus as their Saviour, Peter found himself standing with tears streaming down his cheeks.

“I knew at that moment God was real. He touched my heart like nothing else I had ever experienced.”

Peter knew straight away he was meant to start preaching the Gospel. Not really knowing what that meant or how to go about it, he asked a minister in Stratford how to become a preacher.

“To some degree he shattered my dream, because he told me you had to go to university. Well in those days, going from Stratford to university was like going to another planet.”

Peter’s encounter with God was never forgotten but, as his teenage years unfolded, he began living rebelliously.

“I felt the world owed me something for the loss of my father and I set out to take it. I went from job to job – I’d had around 30 different jobs by the time I was 20.”

But things began to change after he met Bev, a Presbyterian minister’s daughter. She invited him to church and, although at first, the sight of people clapping and singing to God seemed crazy to him, he couldn’t help noticing their sense of joy and assurance. At age 21, he was born again and filled with the Holy Spirit.

After Peter and Bev married, he began a successful career in sales, breaking records at every company he worked for. But the couple, who by then had two young sons, felt called to start a church.

In 1982, Bays Christian Fellowship was born into humble beginnings. Meeting in St Anne’s Hall in Browns Bay, Peter and Bev started with just 20 people, including themselves and their boys.

At first, Peter continued selling real-estate because he wanted to be self-supporting. But then God challenged him to give up selling, and the family lived off their assets for two years.“God was challenging me to go full-time into ministry. The Bible says he who preaches the Gospel should earn his living by the Gospel. But I took on part-time jobs because I didn’t want to draw an income from the church.”

So for five years, Peter did whatever it took to survive and provide for his family. He did everything from cleaning at Rangitoto College to selling second-hand vacuum cleaners, to installing dummy security cameras.

However, motivated to follow God’s plan, Peter eventually took a leap of faith and began his full-time career as a minister – spurred on by a scripture that still guides his actions to this day: “But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15 NIV).

Since then, Bays Christian Fellowship has become City Impact Church. Peter and Bev have seen it grow to include five campuses in New Zealand, and more around the world including Tonga, Canada, India and Mexico.

Now home to thousands of people, the church runs programmes for children, youth, and the community, and even produces its own television show. The church’s North Shore campus has a school on site that runs from primary right through to secondary level.

Peter says he is deeply grateful to be able to lead City Impact Church, working towards fulfilling its vision and helping others find God.

“Before I gave my life to Jesus, it was all about me. I was living for myself. But when you become born again you realise it’s not about you. It’s about God first, and about other people as well.”

Founded in 1982 by our Senior Pastors Peter and Bev Mortlock at St Anne’s Hall in Browns Bay, our North Shore Church is where City Impact Church first began.

Over the years we’ve changed our name (originally Bays Christian Fellowship), moved and grown to several thousand members, and the Campus now covers three and a half hectares with facilities including our christian school, a childcare centre, offices, arts academy, cafe, 900 seat chapel and the 2500 seat sanctuary.

All are welcome to join us for one or more of our Sunday services:

  • 8.30am: Chapel
  • 10:30am: Family Service
  • 6:30pm: Evening Service


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